Our Laws



  • Penalties and fines paid shall be based by the degree of impact made on the green area.
  • All tenement owners and occupiers shall landscape and beautify the perimeter areas of their properties, the neglect, failure and refusal of which shall warrant the penalty of ₦250,000.00 or such sums as the State shall incur in doing same on behalf of the tenement, or six[6] months imprisonment or other noncustodial sentence.
  • Any illegal parking on beautified sites shall be accosted and the defaulter made to pay penalty of ₦50,000.00/car
    • Gardens being maintained by LASPARK and dug by individual or telecom operators with approval from LASMIRA but no appropriate approval from LASPARK shall be accosted and made to pay for penalty and restoration.
    • Illegal felling or trimming of Trees shall attract the sum of ₦50,000.00 per tree.
    • Any form of spitting, urinating or defecating in any area of the parks. Gardens or open spaces shall attract the sum of not more than ₦20,000.00
  • Engaging in unhygienic use of fountains, pools, or water in the park, gardens and open spaces shall attract the sum of not more than ₦10,000.00
    • Any form of loitering or soliciting for illegal purposes, smoking, distributing controlled substances or engaging in disorderly conduct shall attract the sum of not more than ₦50,000.00
    • Littering on green areas shall attract the sum of ₦10,000.00
  • There will be collaboration with ministry of Agriculture on roaming of stray animals in the gardens.
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