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About Us

At LASPARK we are dedicated and committed to providing a beautiful, safe and healthy state through the establishment of functional parks, gardens and recreational centres. Sprawled across Lagos is a total number of 373 green areas, which includes a recent addition of 60 new areas, that are maintained and monitored by the State, in partnership with private sector organizations, to demonstrate our commitment to continuously enhancing the greenery of Lagos.

By building and rejuvenating green infrastructure, LASPARK is actively engaging the community to endorse a greener and healthier lifestyle by providing volunteering opportunities and learning initiatives and volunteering opportunities at our parks and gardens.

Beyond encouraging understanding, appreciation, and protection of nature and biodiversity, we also hope to Cultivate community champions that will ensure the protection of our natural environment of the future.

Vision Statement

A Greener , Healthier Lagos

Mission Statement

To Create a Beautiful, Safe And Healthy State Through The Establishment Of Functional Parks, Gardens And Recreational Centres In Line With International Standards And Best Practices.

Core Values

  • Professionalism
  • Commitment
  • Team Work
  • Environmental Friendliness & Partnership
  • Accountability


  • To restore the lost glory of Lagos as a beautiful and healthy State.
  • To achieve the Sustainable Development Goals by ensuring environmental sustainability.