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Core Services

The following services are available to the Public:

  • Park Management
  • Tree Planting & Maintenance:
    • Tree Pruning/Felling permit
    • Tree Transplanting service
  • Plant Nursery and Horticultural Research
  • Landscaping and Design

Park Management Services

  • Excursion for schools
  • Educational Tour
  • Events Hosting (LASG events & Public Events)
  • Photoshoot
  • Video shoot
  • Meetings (Seminar, Symposium etc)

Tree Planting, Tree Pruning, Tree Felling and Tree Transplanting

Requests from the public involve the following procedures;

  1. Application request letter for tree pruning, felling or transplanting written to the General Manager, LASPARK.
  2. Site Assessment and Tree Investigation/Recommendation.
  3. Preparation of bill of Quantity and payment details
  4. Presentation of evidence of payment
  5. Final approval
  6. Work Execution (pruning, felling & transplanting)Evacuation of resultant from site
  7. Compliance monitoring visit.