Core Services

Services/What we do at LASPARK

–          Plants, Nursery and horticulturists research

–          Landscaping and design

–          Provision of Open Space for

–          Beautifying the State

–          Greening

–          Availability of Parks for the public

–          etc

Park Management Services

•              Excursion for schools

•              Educational Tour

•              Events Hosting (LASG events & Public Events)

•              Photo-shoot

•              Video-shoot

•              Meetings (Seminar, Symposium etc)

Tree Planting, Tree Pruning, Tree Felling and Tree Transplanting

Requests from the public involve the following procedures;

1.            Application request letter for tree pruning, felling or transplanting written to the General Manager, LASPARK.

2.            Site Assessment and Tree Investigation/Recommendation.

3.            Preparation of bill of Quantity and payment details

4.            Presentation of evidence of payment

5.            Final approval

6.            Work Execution (pruning, felling & transplanting)Evacuation of resultant from site

7.            Compliance monitoring visit.

Plants, Nursery and Horticulturist Research

•              Propagation of 150,000 ornamental plant seedlings annually which include: house plants, trees, shrubs, conifers, herbs, grasses, borders, ground covers, cut flowers and rare plants

•              Research trials on adaption of exotic and rare ornamentals.

•              Maintenance if existing plant nurseries.

•              Assessment, landscaping and beautification of sites and open spaces.

•              Soil and water sampling and testing

•              Production of Fresh flowers bouquet for events, wreaths for burial and potted house plants for air purification and beautification.

•              Technical training for Staff, student and florists etc.

•              Sign off for landscape gardening designs before implementation.

•              Establishment of new nurseries.

•              Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual activity reports

Landscaping and Design

o             Creation of plans and design for beautification by the Agency

o             Development of comprehensive short and medium term beautification plans

o             Continuous identification collation, analyses and storage of date on open spaces for potential establishment Parks and Gardens

o             Assessment of beautification design and developed by the third party for execution under Public-Private Partnership agreement

o             Liaison with other government MDAs on beautification or other related issues

o             Appraisal of proposals of beautification projects and assessment of selected site for possible infrastructural development

o             Provide other technical for other units as requested


  1. Ensure all road medians, setbacks, open spaces, under bridges across the state not assigned to horticulturists/contractors/adoptees are free of litters both vegetal and other litter types.
  2. Provide adequate protection to garden and park users through provision of barricades.
  3. Assist in cleaning and preparing sites and routes to the site for state functions.
  4. Ensure generated litters from gardens, parks and open spaces are promptly evacuated.
  5. Add value to open spaces for possible adoptions and partnerships.


  The main function of the enforcement and compliance unit is to ensure compliance   monitoring of the State in line with the Lagos State Parks and Gardens Agency greening policy at the expiration of specific grace period given to defaulters.

The enforcement and compliance unit shall also ensure the discharge of its duty of maintaining greening statewide by ensuring compliance with all the greening policy of the Agency through the curbing of various challenges namely; Incessant damages to garden facilities, Unauthorized felling/pruning of Trees ,Digging of trenches and holes within gardens, Illegal parking on the garden/green areas.

Encroachment on the garden/green areas e.g. trading, cattle rearing, walking on the lawn etc.

The unit also deploys armed police personnel as security backup for enforcement operations as the need arises.

The unit issues stop work order and removal notice where applicable

The unit introduces legion or local security operatives as alternative means of safe- guarding Gardens susceptible to vandalization.

The unit also uses these legions for special tasks during enforcement operations.

The unit issues demand notices to defaulters which specifies the fines for the offences committed.

The unit uses tape to condone off gardens with damaged railings temporary to prevent trampling into gardens before restoration of the railings

The unit also carries out any ad-voc responsibilities as directed by the General Manager.

Both enforcement head shall enforce compliance with this procedure. In case of special enforcement, it’s the prerogative of the General Manager LASPARK, to constitute the team for enforcement.

All members of the enforcement & compliance unit shall be responsible for the implementation of this procedure.

Stop work order and removal notice is issued by enforcement & compliance officers immediately to defaulters to curb various nuisances relating to the greening policy of the state

Armed police personnel are being deployed as security back up for enforcement operations as the need arises

Legion and security personnel are used for special tasks during enforcement operation

The unit shall enforce in line with referrals from other units of the Agency


  • Provision of IT support and supervision of all ICT projects in Agency.
  •  Identification of new ICT needs and requirements for the Agency.
  •  Leading the Automation/Computerization of the Agency’s Business and Administrative process.
  •  Monitoring, Maintenance, Repairs and upgrading of all ICT related Software and  Hardware Infrastructure within the Agency
  • Advice on Budgetary provision and Procurement of all ICT related equipment for the Agency
  •  Responsible for addition, movement and removal of all ICT related equipment.
  • Ensuring availability of all ICT related services i.e.

a. LASG enterprise applications

b. Email services

c. Cloud services

d. Domain Names/Hosting Accounts etc.

  • Ensuring that all Officers have access to Intranet / Internet Connectivity as required to carry out their assignments;
  • Proactively monitor and report abuse/destruction of any ICT equipment and Infrastructure;
  • Serve as First Line Support and Technical Liaison Officer on ICT related matters between MDAs and the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST);
  •  Certify and approve the introduction/addition of any ICT device and software to LASG network, in order to prevent security breaches;
  • Assist in the Provision of Customer Care services Via the Agency Toll Line
  • Organize relevant Training according to needs of Units and Department.

Strategic Engagements

  1. Source for partners to Landscape and Beautify/Upgrade new/existing gardens or public spaces under our purview as well as ensure maintenance of same;
  2. Engage with private organizations, individuals, Non-Governmental Organizations to donate  or upgrade existing recreational facilities to promote recreation and leisure in Public Spaces;
  3. Liaise with private organizations, individuals, Non-Governmental Organizations to facilitate the establishment of recreational parks;
  4. Generate revenue for the State Government through the commercial use of established/newly established gardens;
  5. Ensure reduction of Government cost on the maintenance of gardens and other areas earmarked for greening across the State;

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